1/3 of Solar Jobs in US are in California

As residential solar installations have become increasingly popular, the demand for skilled solar workers has increased as well!  With 140,000+ people working in the solar industry nationwide, California leads the pack with over 47,000 people employed in the solar energy industry.  Solar jobs are expected to surge another 22% by the end of 2014.

Fueled by decreasing costs of equipment, the continued availability of the 30% federal tax credit and ongoing utility rebates; California homeowners have been purchasing or leasing solar panels for their homes in record numbers.  This has led to strong growth and increased demand for people with the appropriate skills to get into the solar industry.

At SolarMax Technology Inc, we have seen faster than average growth due to our in-house financing (SolarMax Solar Loan), and our own branded SMX250 panels.  These are the 2 driving factors enabling SolarMax Technology to reduce cost and increase long term savings for our customers.  We had a 175% increase in our work force, and show no signs of slowing.

With that being said we are constantly looking for qualified candidates looking to become members of a strong team in an exciting industry.  We are currently hiring for several different positions.  These openings include: Sales Representatives, Roofers, PV Solar Designers, and Electrical Installers.  For more information on Solar Jobs at SolarMax Technology take a look at our careers page.  it is a good idea to keep checking back because our openings are always changing.

Here's the link to our careers page: http://www.solarmaxtech.com/blog/about-us/careers/

Below is th link to an interesting article written by the Press Enterprise about our historic corporate headquarters building in Riverside Ca.