As of this fall, Riverside celebrated a major milestone in its goal to become a green leader: the city is now producing 5,000,000 watts of solar energy per day, or enough to power 3000 homes! Having hit this threshold mark of 5 megawatts, Riverside takes its place next to San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles as a key producer of solar power in CA.

City officials, who number the count of operational solar systems at 450, cite steady growth in the development of local energy resources over the past three years for the achievement, as well as the leadership and commitment shown by the Department of Public Utilities in their efforts to make Riverside “an emerald city.”

“A key component in our plan to create a clean and green city was to increase our use of renewable energy resources and to make those technologies available to our residents,” Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge recently told the Southwest Riverside News Network. “The continued growth in Riverside’s solar portfolio is proof that the path we have paved is leading us to become the model solar city that we envisioned.”

As we begin the renovation of our new 165,000 sq. foot office and warehouse—including installation of a sprawling rooftop solar system—in preparation for our move to the heart of Riverside, SolarMax is proud to partner with local government and the greater community to ensure that the future of solar in Riverside is brighter than ever!

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