Like all manufactured products, there will come a time when solar panels reach their end of life. What will happen then? This infographic, produced in partnership with Revolution, a leading electronics recycling and data destruction company, explains how solar panels can be recycled and how their parts can be used in future projects.

About solar panel recycling and how solar panels are recycled

The US has installed over 60 gigawatts of solar panels to date (2019). That’s an estimated 1/4 billion solar panels in the US alone. So there is a growing demand for recycling of solar panels as they become decommissioned over time. While solar panel recycling is still at a very early stage in the US, there are more advanced processes already in place in Europe that demonstrate that the vast majority of a solar panel can be safely and effectively recycled.

Even though SolarMax Technology solar panels are guaranteed for at least 30 years, it is reassuring to know that recycling processes are already in place to ensure that as much as 96% of the materials from solar panels can be reused. Innovations in solar recycling means we can continue to provide an on-going source of renewable energy and reuse solar panels at the end of their life.

solar panel recycling renewable green waste infographic