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Los Angeles Solar Panels

Living in Los Angeles can be expensive, so it makes sense to take full advantage of every cost- saving measure available. For homeowners, this can mean installing new solar panels with a little help from SolarMax Technology. Since 2008, we have served as one of the ten largest solar panel installers in the United States. Our team of highly trained consultants and installers can assist you with everything needed to complete the process, including:

  • Solar Panel Consultations
  • Solar Panel Design
  • Solar Panel Permitting
  • Solar Panel Installation

Free, On-Site Los Angeles Solar Panels Consultations

For homeowners in Los Angeles, solar panel installation starts with a free, on-site consultation. One of our staff members will be happy to meet with you to discuss the available options and complete an on-site property analysis. We'll also deliver a cost comparison that shows the potential savings to be realized when you switch to our local Los Angeles solar power solutions.

Design Advice from the Solar Pros

Optimizing the design and layout of your new system is crucial. Our consultants find out how much power your family uses to forecast your consumption needs. Along with this, we'll also complete a site analysis to determine the best location for your solar panels depending on your home’s structure and its exposure to shade and sunlight. Our consultants will also advise you on the best selection of Los Angeles solar panels, inverters, and other components your system might need for optimal performance.

Help with Los Angeles Permitting

Since we have completed thousands of installations in cities throughout California, our Los Angeles solar panel installers are more than familiar with the permit application process. Allow us to make your life easier by submitting the applications, making any necessary changes, and securing approval. The associated fees of permitting will also be handled by SolarMax, so you won't be surprised with any unexpected expenses.

Efficient, Effective Los Angeles Solar Panel Installation

The installation of a local Los Angeles solar power system requires experts who have knowledge of carpentry, roofing, and electrical work. SolarMax has two teams that work together on every project. Our roofers and electricians complete your project in stages to ensure that your roof or property won’t sustain damage, and that you receive the best quality work possible.

Grab a Price Estimate for Solar Panels in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California gets plenty of sunshine every year. It is a great natural resource and we have the technology to help you take full advantage of all those sunny days. If you’ve been thinking about saving money on your utilities by installing a solar panel system, reach out to SolarMax today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to request your free, on-site consultation with price estimate.