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Orange County Home Battery For Solar

If you already have solar panels on your home, or you are considering a home solar system, it’s important to consider installing a battery too. For decades solar power systems only provided power when the sun was out, but at night or in stormy weather homes had to rely on the grid for energy. Modern batteries allow homes to rely on their reserved solar energy during these times.

While a battery can be a big investment, SolarMax Technology strives to make it easier to manage. We have a range of solar power batteries for all budgets. Our Orange County home solar company can also help you with solar panel financing plans that include battery costs.

Get Premium Solar Batteries from an Established Home Solar Company

The best time to get a home battery is when you are getting solar panel installation. By getting both products at once, you have an easier time finding products designed to work well together. Also, you can plan the layout of your home solar system more easily and save a little money by combining these projects in one.

That being said, when you work with SolarMax Technology, you can opt to have a home battery installed at any time. We know that converting to solar power is a process that can’t always be completed at once. Our solar power company uses batteries designed to work with a wide variety of brands and systems. Check out our:

  • Enphase Encharge: The Encharge uses LFP chemistry for maximum lifespan and connects easily to your household wiring.
  • Tesla Powerwall: For increased energy storage and slim design, you’ll find that the Powerwall can’t be beaten.
  • LG RESU Chem Battery: The RESU is designed for added safety and proven performance in a compact product.

Learn More About Our Solar Home Batteries in Orange County, CA

Many of our solar home products come with long-lasting warranties, including our own 25-year limited warranty on the installation of home solar systems. If you would like to go green or just cut down on those utility bills, reach out to SolarMax Technology.

Our team can provide a free cost estimate, help with design selection, and arrange flexible financing. Just give us a call to get started today.