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Since 2008, SolarMax Technology has been an industry leader, pioneering innovations that make solar energy more accessible and affordable for Los Angeles homeowners. Our goal is to ensure that clean, renewable energy is available for everyone, and our residential solar energy systems help us to achieve our goal. While we started in California, our cost-effective clean energy solutions are renowned worldwide and with more than 12,000 custom installations to our name, you can trust our professionals for top-tier service.

Solar Panel Installation For Your Los Angeles Home

At SolarMax, we realize that making the decision to install solar panels in your Los Angeles home is a large one and the process may initially feel overwhelming. Our team of talented professionals will take the stress out of the process by providing superior service and guidance from start to finish. Beginning with a complimentary consultation, we’ll help you design a custom system that suits your space, your energy needs, and your budget.

When you choose SolarMax, we provide you with everything you need. Following your consultation, we’ll:

  • Work with you to create a financing solution that accommodates your budget.
  • Analyze your roof, shading, and energy needs so our in-house design engineers can create a custom system.
  • File permit applications, pay any fees, and apply for rebates where applicable.
  • Send our trained electricians and roofers to complete your installation.
  • Get Solar Panel Financing And Utilize the Solar Tax Credit

    Getting your own solar panel system has never been easier with Solarmax's solar panel financing. Since 2010 costs for home solar power systems has dropped 50% making it easy for anyone to get solar for their home. We assemble the solar panels right here in Los Angeles to make sure we are providing the highest quality.

    On top of that you can utilize the solar tax credit to save further on your electric bill. Make sure you get your solar system in time to take qualify for the upcoming tax season! Our solar consultants can walk you through the solar panel financing process and how to take advantage of the solar tax credit.

    Solar Home Battery For Los Angeles Homeowners

    Tired of the rolling black outs and high energy bills? Get freedom from the power companies with your own solar home battery! "Utility proof" your home and no longer have to worry about planned blackouts or time of use energy rates. Keep the lights on and home running with a solar home battery from SolarMax.

    Learn More About Our Los Angeles Residential Solar Energy Solutions Today

    For customized, cost-effective residential solar energy systems, nobody beats the experienced professionals at SolarMax Technology. We’d love to provide you with more information regarding the benefits of choosing us for your renewable energy, so call today to speak with one of our consultants. You can also request additional information and free, no-obligation project estimate by taking a moment to complete our convenient online quote form.