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Long Beach Solar Panels

The frequent sunshine of Long Beach makes it the perfect location for solar panels. With so much clean, natural energy just waiting to be harvested from the sun, why not take full advantage? Since 2008, SolarMax Technology has been engineering and installing customized solar energy systems, helping households and businesses break free from costly electrical companies and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Whether you’re looking to lease or buy solar panels, we make the process as simple as it can possibly be!

Throughout Long Beach, our environmentally responsible solar solutions include:

  • Residential Solar Energy
  • Commercial Solar Solutions
  • Solar Power Products

Eco-Friendly Long Beach Solar Power for Your Home

If you’re wondering whether a Long Beach solar panel installation could benefit your home and family, the answer is nearly always “yes.” Simply put, solar panels allow you to harness the energy already beaming down from the sun—which is basically free money! SolarMax is one of the top ten largest installers of residential solar panels in the country, and we have on-staff systems engineers who know how to maximize sunlight harvesting to save you even more.

Specialized Commercial Solar Solutions

Whether you’re interested in solar panels as part of a new go-green campaign or as a means of breaking free from the rising costs of electricity, our Long Beach solar panel installers are here to help. We have our own consultants, engineers, designers, and installers, and we install top-quality solar products that are made in our facility right here in California. Plus, you’ll get the added protection of a 25-year warranty on panels and inverters and a 25-year limited warranty on workmanship!

Long Beach Solar Panels, Inverters, and More

At SolarMax, we provide completely custom-designed solar energy systems, utilizing our staff’s unparalleled knowledge and our selection of solar products:

  • Solar Panels: We offer a range of solar panels, including our own SolarMax SMX Solar Panels, made here in our Riverside facility.

  • Inverters: Included with your Long Beach solar panel installation is an Enphase micro-inverter, which offers more efficient conversions of solar energy.

  • Energy Storage: Our FLEX Energy Storage System qualifies for federal tax credits and will keep your system running if the grid goes down.

Learn More About the Costs and Benefits of Long Beach Solar Panels

For efficient sunlight harvesting and long-term energy savings, quality is everything—which is why you should trust SolarMax! Our Long Beach solar panel installers have completed more than 12,000 successful solar installations, and we even offer in-house financing to make the process easier. Find out more about our solar panels and get your free detailed cost estimate by calling or filling out our online form now!