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Orange County Home Solar Panel System

With California being exposed to increasing temperatures, fires, and storms, homeowners are more aware than ever of the need to be self-sufficient. If the power grid goes out during a hot summer day, it can mean disaster for those susceptible to heat. A home solar panel system can help keep your home powered and the AC unit running no matter what happens.

At SolarMax Technology, we’ve been installing solar roofing in Orange County since 2008. We are familiar with the benefits of residential solar energy and how to help customers take full advantage of them. Allow us to explain more about:

  • Our Solar Panel Installation Process
  • Obtaining Financing and Tax Credits

Keep the Lights on with Solar Panel Installation and Home Batteries

We’re able to provide tailored services to homeowners as established solar installers. Ask to meet with a design expert to work out what is best for your property and your budget. We can provide

Our solar panel installers will also take the time to complete a roof assessment and cost comparison. You’ll see where the panels will go and how much you can save with solar power.

Get Solar Panel Financing and Utilize the Federal Solar Tax Credit!

Installing solar power is a lot more affordable these days. In fact, it’s almost half the cost to get solar power systems installed, though solar is still a big investment. Our specialists will work with you to make it easier to pay for the transition to green energy.

We offer solar panel financing through third party providers who have extremely low rates and flexible terms. Our team can also help you track down rebates and solar tax credits, such as the federal tax credit of up to 26% for new solar systems.

Ask Us About Installing a Home Solar Energy System in Orange County

Home solar energy is easier than every to get in Orange County, CA. SolarMax Technology has an entire team of skilled representatives and installers who can walk you through the process. We’ll even help you arrange flexible financing and seek out tax credits.

All you need to do is give us a call to request a free consultation with a solar roofing expert. Or fill out our quick quote form now.