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Moreno Valley Solar Panel Installation

Thinking about moving your Moreno Valley home to solar energy? In the face of rising utility rates, rolling blackouts, and increasing energy uncertainty, there’s never been a better time than now! The cost of solar energy has gone down drastically in recent years, too—making your home energy transition more affordable than ever.

The best way to get started?

It’s to call SolarMax Technology. We’ve been an industry leader in residential solar energy since 2008, and we provide reliable solar solutions to homes across Moreno Valley. With us, you could get an award-winning solar panel installation for even less than you’re currently paying for utilities! Combined with solar tax credits, our in-house financing options make renewable energy remarkably affordable.

Moreno Valley’s Leading Alternative Energy Provider

Unlike many solar panel installers in Moreno Valley, we’re not only installers—we’re the manufacturer, too! In fact, we design and assemble our SMX solar panels right here in our own California facility. This localized process ensures American standards of quality and also cuts out the costs of international shipping, tariffs, and middlemen.

What else sets us apart?

We ensure the success of every solar installation through our many customer-focused amenities and guarantees:

Expertly Engineered Solar Car Charging

Along with our exclusive solar panels, we’ve designed the first solar inverter than can charge an electric car. This electric car charging system offers a Solar Boost mode that’s charges your car up to six times faster than a conventional 120v charging cable. You can monitor your car’s charge rate and time through a convenient mobile app. 

Get Started on Your Moreno Valley Solar Panel Installation

Are you ready to power your home on sunshine? Then contact SolarMax Technology today to find out more about our SMX solar panel installation in Moreno Valley! Call us or complete our quick online form to request your free consultation. 

We’d be happy to discuss our solar panel specs, estimate your residential solar capabilities, and discuss our in-house financing options. Contact us to get started now.