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Moreno Valley Home Solar Panel System

With increasing energy costs and frequent outages, many California homeowners are looking for a way to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources. SolarMax Technology has provided top-of-the-line residential solar energy solutions since 2008. We’re recognized as an industry leader for our innovation and commitment to quality. When you work with us, you’ll receive a superior home solar panel system! 

Find out more about the first-class Moreno Valley services available from SolarMax Technology, including: 

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Home Solar Batteries 
  • Solar Panel Financing
  • Solar Tax Credit Options 

Solar Panel Installation and Home Solar Batteries for Moreno Valley 

As an award-winning company, SolarMax Technology has proven our standing as a trusted source for long-lasting solar panel installation services. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you get a system that meets your needs and blends with the style of your home’s architecture. 

Worried about power outages? The LG 10kWh home battery from SolarMax Technology will keep your system up and running through blackouts and natural disaster events. What’s more, your battery can store up energy during the day, reducing your dependency on the grid during more expensive evening hours. 

Get Solar Panel Financing and Utilize the Federal Solar Tax Credit! 

Have you dreamed of installing solar panels at your home, but assume the cost of such an upgrade is out of your reach? Think again! Over the last decade, solar panels have become increasingly affordable. SolarMax Technology offers budget-friendly solar panel financing plans that require minimal money down and allow for low monthly payments. Our experienced team can also provide information about federal solar tax credit options as well! 

Get More Information About Our Moreno Valley Home Solar Panel Systems Now 

Reduce your carbon footprint for years into the future with a quality solar panel installation from SolarMax Technology! Call now to get more information about our solar panel financing options, as well as our warranty coverage. You can also fill out our quick online form to request a free quote for a Moreno Valley home solar panel system.