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Los Angeles Home Battery For Solar

Have you recently made the switch to solar? SolarMax Technology offers high-quality solar backup batteries to provide optimal protection during blackouts and regular savings on your monthly bills. 

Our home battery helps you receive power to appliances such as medical devices, WiFi, refrigerator, lights, fans, and more, no matter what is happening with your solar panel grid. If you’re looking for high-quality solutions at a low price, The SolarMax Technology team can help. 

Your Top Renewable Energy Provider in Los Angeles

Our energy providers are dedicated to providing high quality solar panels and energy systems that improve both your home’s value and performance. Top public utilities providers are shifting to unpopular practices and energy rates are steadily going up, so SolarMax offers affordable solar panel financing and efficient alternative options. 

We back all our products up with the power of our LG home battery, so you won’t be in a bind when power outages strike, or when mandatory blackouts temporarily take your grid out. Enjoy peace of mind through everything with a solar-charged home battery. 

We also offer efficient alternatives for electric car charging, so your car can run on sunshine and save time, money, and the environment! With SolarMax, you can enjoy unmatched benefits, such as: 

  • Free Consultations: One of our experts will provide a comprehensive analysis of your energy consumption patterns, so we can find an option that will meet your goals and exceed your expectations. We offer this as a complimentary service so you can move through the process with ease! 
  • Durable & Reliable Products: We confidently deliver high-quality and dependable products that keep your home safe through the toughest storms and the longest blackouts. The LG brand has been developing battery technology for 23 years and offers only the best. 
  • Dual-Purpose Capabilities: The LG battery has 10kWh of energy storage for both battery backup when your grid goes down and routine mitigation of evening time-of-use charges. Whatever your needs, this battery can help!
  • Quality Financing & Incentive Offers: Our LG home battery qualifies for a solar tax credit of 26% back on the cost of both the battery and the installation! Additionally, the state of California is offering up to $2,450 in a rebate check to homeowners who install the LG home battery. 

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With over 12,000 homes served, SolarMax Technology has the skills and resources to provide premium solar power throughout Los Angeles. Our systems are designed and engineered here in the United States for quality products that you can trust. We offer custom designs, flexible financing options, and speedy installations so you can have the home energy system you deserve. Most importantly, back up your new system with quality home batteries to ensure your home is functional day in and out, no matter the circumstances. Start planning your project today with a free consultation and estimate from our team.