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Los Angeles Solar Panel Financing

If you received an estimate for solar panel installation ten or more years ago, you may have found it cost prohibitive, but it’s time to look into it again.

Prices for residential solar energy systems have dropped significantly, making them a smart investment in your Los Angeles home.

Once your system is paid off, you’ll enjoy decades of free energy provided daily by the sun. There’s never been a better time to consider residential solar panels, and SolarMax is the area’s trusted provider of durable, innovative systems.

Custom Residential Solar Systems for Los Angeles

Whether you live in a cozy home tucked into a quiet neighborhood or in a sprawling seaside stunner, SolarMax can design a system that perfectly matches your needs.

The company’s financing options and the federal solar tax credit aren’t the only reason to choose SolarMax; they also offer exceptional quality.

SMX solar panels, which are assembled locally, are carefully tested to be sure they can withstand everything the California weather can dish out. The panels are highly resistant to salt mist, ammonia, and blowing sand, which makes them an ideal choice even for oceanfront homes.

You can also count on SolarMax for:

·  Free Consultations

·  Expert Solar Panel Installation

·  Excellent Customer Service

·  Industry-Leading Warranties

Learn More about SolarMax’s Los Angeles Residential Solar Panel Systems

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