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The federal government’s solar tax credit program is yet another incentive for Riverside homeowners to invest in the energy-saving technology of solar panels. Available through the end of 2021, this program provides a tax credit equal to up to 26% of the total cost of your home energy system.

And for many families in Riverside, the tax credit is no small figure!

If you have questions about the solar tax credit, SolarMax Technology would be happy to meet with you for a free solar consultation. While every family’s financial situation is different and we can’t provide specific tax advice, we can explain the general benefits of the solar tax credit program so that you can weigh the opportunity with your tax advisor.

Fast Facts About the Solar Tax Credit in Riverside

·  The solar tax credit can be claimed for the year in which your system is powered on.

·  If you do not use the entire balance of your credit, you may roll it over for up to 5 consecutive years.

·  The solar tax credit is directly claimed on your federal tax return by filing out IRS Form 5695.

·  Because this program is a tax credit—not a reimbursement or rebate—you must owe federal taxes to benefit.

Residential Solar Energy for Your Riverside Home

At SolarMax Technology, we take pride in helping Riverside homeowners break free from their monthly utilities bills—making their homes more cost-effective and eco-friendly at the same time. We’re the only renewable energy company in the country to offer in-house financing on solar panel installation, and our cutting-edge solar panels are designed, built, and tested right here in Riverside, CA.

Just think about what that means for you!

With our California-made solar panels, you’ll no longer have to spend money each month on ever-climbing electricity bills. You’ll be adding long-term value to your property while also qualifying for short-term savings through the solar tax credit program.

Even better?

Our 25-year warranties on solar panels, inverters, and workmanship will ensure that your new home energy system functions just as we’ve stated for decades to come.

Find out How the Riverside Solar Tax Credit Might Impact You

Are you ready to learn more about the solar tax credit and SolarMax Technology’s direct financing options? Then call us today to speak with a Riverside solar panel installation professional! You can also fill out our online form to sign up for your free solar consultation now.