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If you’ve been considering solar panels for your Riverside home, it’s time to get in touch with SolarMax Technology. As a worldwide provider of residential solar energy solutions, we’ve got skill and experience you can trust for superior products, installation, and customer service. Since our founding in 2008, our mission has been to make solar energy more affordable and accessible. We’re proud to have successfully completed over 12,000 custom installations, making us the experts you can count on for a first-rate experience.

Solar Panel Installation and Financing for Riverside Residents

Let our expert consultants help you plan out your solar panel installation. From permitting to the actual install, we make sure your feel supported every step of the way. We understand that getting your own home solar panel system can be a daunting task, especially financially. That's why we specialize in solar panel financing to help you save on your bill without breaking the bank! See how thousands of California homeowners have achieved their dream of their own solar panel system.

Take Advantage of the Solar Tax Credit and Our Solar Home Battery

Now is the time to save money on your taxes! Our consultation experts can walk you through how to make sure your take full advantage of the solar tax credit. Make sure you are ready to claim this benefit by the time that tax season rolls around.

To further your savings, make sure that you utility proof your home with a home solar battery. Avoid planned black outs and never have to worry about time of usage charges again. Best thing is, if you generate enough power back into the system, the utility company will pay you! 

Request an Free Estimate for Your Riverside Home Solar Power System

Ready to learn more about what our Riverside residential solar energy systems can do for your home? Give us a call to learn more or take a moment to complete our convenient online form today to request your no-cost, no-obligation project estimate.