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Santa Ana Home Battery for Solar

As the climate becomes less predictable and California utility providers announce more planned blackouts, you need to have a back-up plan in place—and SolarMax Technology can help! By installing a powerful home battery in your Santa Ana home, we can make sure that your family is ready for the unexpected.

Why Invest in a Home Battery System?

Made by premier brands like LG, our home battery back-up systems are powered by your solar panels, drawing and storing energy to be used whenever you need it most. Our state-of-the-art LG batteries hold 10kWh of power—enough to power your home for a day or two, depending on your electricity consumption. 

Here’s why so many Santa Ana homeowners are pleased to have a home battery back-up in place:

  • Emergency Power: The biggest benefit for most families is peace of mind. When a blackout happens—whether planned or unplanned—you’ll be able to rest assured that your critical electronics, like medical devices, have access to power.
  • Protection from Rate Changes: Our home batteries are dual-purpose, offering you an emergency power source as well as helping mitigate utility usage during high-rate periods. Your battery can store solar energy during the day and put it use during the more expensive evening hours. 
  • Reliable Performance: LG is a brand known for its high-quality engineering, resulting in a home battery system that is dependable, quiet, and easy to maintain. You’ll also have a convenient monitoring platform to check its status any time.

Don’t already have solar panels in your Santa Ana home

Then SolarMax Technology can take care of that, too! Our solar panel installations will allow you to break free from rising utility bills and take advantage of our home battery back-up systems. To make your renewable energy transition even more affordable, we offer zero-down solar panel financing and can help you apply for federal solar tax credit programs.

Trusted Renewable Energy Provider in Santa Ana

As Santa Ana’s renewable energy expert, SolarMax Technology is in the top 1% of solar installers nationwide. We assemble our own solar panels in a local California facility, and we offer comprehensive solutions for solar panels, home batteries, solar-powered electric car charging, and more. With us, you’ll get expert installations, long-term warranty protections, and complete peace of mind that your home is eco-friendly and emergency-ready!

Learn More About Our Santa Ana Home Battery Installations

Are you ready to save energy and emergency-proof your home? Then contact the Santa Ana solar experts at SolarMax Technology! Request a free consultation on home batteries and solar financing options by calling us or completing our online form now.