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Glendale Home Battery for Solar

If you’re interested in powering your home with solar energy, you’re in the right place. You might already know that solar energy is an innovative and efficient choice for your home. You might not know, however, that there are recent innovations in the solar field which can help you take advantage of the sun in your home. 

At SolarMax Technology, we’re happy to offer you our LG 10 kWh home battery, to ensure your home remains safe during blackouts or outages. This can also offer you premium protection for your home, which can help you rest easy at night. 

Your Reliable Glendale Renewable Energy Provider 

If you live in Glendale, you’re likely already aware of recent unpopular changes made to homeowner’s utilities and related policies. This has increased your bills, which seems inefficient and unfair. An LG home battery can help combat this, saving you money and providing an energy-efficient alternative solution. 

If you’re looking for other green alternatives such as electric car charging, ports, we can provide those as well! You’ll find that our solar-powered options surpass the charging options you received when you purchased your car.

At SolarMax, we’re proud to provide the following service benefits: 

  • Free Consultations & Estimates: We offer no-obligation estimate from our expert installation specialists so you know precisely what to expect. 
  • Optimal Protection for Your Home: Sometimes your solar panels will be shut off due to blackouts. With a battery, you’ll still have the energy you need. 
  • Flexible Financing on Cost-Effective Products: We offer home battery and solar panel financing options to make sure pricing is accessible for you. 
  • Solar Tax Credit Incentives: Your next tax return may be higher due to solar investments you make today! 

Get a Precise, Complimentary Quote for Your LG Home Battery Today 

At SolarMax, we’re proud to offer you top-tier protection for your solar energy system. Our financing options, reliable products, and low costs are perks you’ll always be able to depend upon. Call our friendly Glendale team today for more information about how we can serve you, or simple fill out our brief online form to request more information and a free quote.