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Redlands Solar Panels

Since 2008, SolarMax Technology has served as one of the 10 largest residential installers of solar panels in the United States. We are pleased to help Redlands homeowners improve their property values and cut utility costs with solar power energy systems. Our products are manufactured in the United States and we have trained local consultants and installers ready to help you. If you are thinking about upgrading your home, saving money, and becoming more self-reliant, our team is available to provide:

  • Solar Panel Consultations
  • Solar Panel Design
  • Solar Panel Permitting
  • Solar Panel Installation

In-Depth Solar Panel Consultations

Give us a chance to show you the benefits of a locally installed Redlands solar power system. One of our trained consultants can come to your home to provide a free on-site property and energy consumption analysis. We'll be able to show you a comparison of the potential cost savings of a Redlands solar panel installation vs. staying on the grid. Prepare to be amazed by how much you can save!

Solar Panel Design from Our Top-Notch Designers

From the very beginning, we take extra care to ensure your new Redlands solar panels are properly designed and installed to maximize the amount of energy they can provide. One of our consultants will complete a site analysis and create a power consumption report based on your needs. We'll also guide you through the selection of solar panels and system, as well as the required power inverters.

Simplified Solar Permitting from the Experts

With more than 12,000 plus projects under our belt, we have plenty of experience with the permit application process in Redlands. SolarMax will be happy to handle the entire process—from filling out forms to submission to making any necessary changes to the system, with your approval. Our experience in this area will make the permit application process a smooth and easy one for you.

Professional Redlands Solar Panel Installation

At SolarMax, we utilize two teams of Redlands solar panel installers that work on your home in stages to ensure panels are installed correctly and without damaging your roof or property. Our roofers will prepare the roof and properly install the solar panels, and then our electricians come in to set up the entire system, a process that takes about 60 days in total. SolarMax also backs up every installation with a 25-year limited workmanship warranty.

Get an Exact Quote on Redlands Solar Panels

Redlands, CA homeowners may be able to drastically reduce or even eliminate their electricity bill through the installation of the right solar panel system. Our company produces high-quality solar power solutions and our trained experts can take you through the entire installation process. Give us a call or fill out our online form to arrange your free, in-home consultation with a quote for new panels today.