Save Big on Your New Home Solar System: Monthly Offer + 30% Federal Tax Incentive + California Energy Storage Incentives + Special Financing.  It Pays to Go Solar. Learn More and Save.

SolarMax Technology has never been much for following the crowd. Instead, we lead the industry with innovations that make reliable, exceptional solar power solutions affordable to most home and business owners.

Since 2008, we have become the first in the state to engineer and manufacture our own panels in an expansive 165,000 square foot facility. We were also the first to offer in-house financing to residential customers.

These innovations have made solar power accessible to more people who want to reduce their carbon footprints and ensure they won’t have to worry about future energy rate increases. From start to finish, we’ll help you enjoy the benefits of Palmdale solar panels.

Local Solar Company in Palmdale

When you think of reasons to consider solar panel installation for your home or business, significantly reducing your energy bills is probably one of the first things to come to mind. While that’s an important consideration, it’s not the only one. Other benefits of Palmdale solar panels include:

  • Increased Property Value: Maximizing the value of your home is another perk of Palmdale solar panels. The National Bureau of Economic Research says that it adds an average of $22,554 to the value.
  • Faster Home Sales: Homes and commercial properties that have solar power in place sell faster than those that don’t.
  • Tax Breaks:  Your solar panel cost can be reduced by the available federal and state tax incentives. We’ll help you determine which programs will apply to you.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint is the environmentally responsible thing to do, and solar panels are one of the ways to realize the most significant reduction in your use of non-renewable energy.

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When you’re making an investment in your home or business, you want to make sure you choose a company with a proven reputation. SolarMax Technology has earned top-tier ranking for reliability—and we’re one of only four companies in the country to do so. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that all systems are backed by a 25-year warranty. Give us a call today, or fill out our online contact form now to schedule a no-cost consultation.