Save Big on Your New Home Solar System: Monthly Offer + 30% Federal Tax Incentive + California Energy Storage Incentives + Special Financing.  It Pays to Go Solar. Learn More and Save.

With energy prices continuing to rise, more people are looking for ways to effectively reduce their costs. SolarMax Technology installs Chula Vista solar panels for our residential and commercial customers that will lower costs today while also providing protection against further price increases.

Since 2008, we have led industry innovations and kept an eye towards providing solutions that are effective, reliable, and cost effective. SolarMax will help you eliminate the bulk of your energy expenses and significantly reduce your home’s or business’ carbon footprint.

Local Solar Company in Chula Vista

SolarMax’s technology isn’t limited by the size of your home or business. We’ll custom tailor a solar panel system that perfectly suits your energy use. From modest homes to the area’s largest commercial spaces, our solar solutions will provide impressive savings from the very first day.

We make solar panel installation as simple as possible by guiding you through the process from start to finish. First, we’ll discuss your goals and review a years’ worth of energy consumption. That information will be used as we move forward with the following steps:

  • We’ll inspect your property to determine if there are any issues such as too much shade and other factors that will help us select the best location for panel installation.
  • Using the information gathered at the initial consultation, our solar energy specialists will determine the right size for your system and calculate your solar panel cost.
  • If you plan to finance, we’ll explain all of your options including PACE, leasing, PPA, and our in-house financing.
  • Once the system has been designed, you’ll receive a formal proposal with the final cost and installation details.

Learn More about our Chula Vista Solar Panel Installation Services

Can you afford solar panels? If you can afford your current electric bill then the answer is yes. The monthly payments on your financed solar panels will be about the same as your electric bill, and the system will more than pay for itself over time. Call SolarMax Technology today for more information, or fill out our online form now to schedule a consultation.