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San Diego Solar Roof Installation

Solar energy is an immensely powerful resource that has become extremely popular with San Diego homeowners in recent years. If you have yet to make the plunge and invest, there's never been a better time. Outfitting your home or business with a solar panel roof installation will reward you with many benefits down the line. If you're ready to have this job done, contact a reputable solar roofing company like SolarMax Technology.

SolarMax has been serving the greater California area for over a decade, and in that time we've installed solar panels on over 12,000 homes and businesses. If you're seeking a team of competent professionals that know exactly what they're doing, trust SolarMax. We take a comprehensive approach to every installation and are there to assist with the original consultation, planning, financing, and installation.

Why Choose Residential Solar?

Installing solar on your San Diego home may seem like a big upfront cost, but over the years your investment will easily be returned. When you outfit your home with a complete solar panel system, you'll benefit from:

  • Reduced Energy Bills: Your monthly utility bills will be drastically lowered with the addition of renewable, solar energy. In many cases, you can even be paid for the extra energy your system produces.
  • Lower Carbon Emissions: Your solar installation is completely renewable, meaning you're producing significantly less pollution than a traditional energy system.
  • Off-Grid Power Reserves: With our detailed battery installations, you can store all of your excess energy and use it when you truly need it - during extended overcast days or during electrical grid black and brownouts.

​​Commercial Solar Installations in San Diego

The energy costs associated with a business can be astronomical, especially in an expensive city like San Diego. Solar can easily offset, or in some cases completely eradicate your business's energy bills. When you hire SolarMax to take on your commercial solar project, our comprehensive installation plan will make it a breeze. From the initial power need consultation, to the permitting, financing, and installation, we will be there every step of the way.

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Whether you need a residential solar installation for your San Diego home, or a massive commercial installation to replace the energy needs of your business, SolarMax has the trusted team and first-rate solar products you need.

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