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San Diego Home Battery For Solar

If you’re looking to improve your solar energy system, consult the experts at SolarMax Technology. Our team has over a decade of experience serving San Diego homeowners just like you with all their energy needs. 

We back our quality solar systems with an efficient LG 10kWh home battery that ensures your house is fully functional through planned blackouts, unexpected storms, and utility regulations throughout California. 

Your Premium Renewable Energy Provider in San Diego

In addition to being environmentally friendly, solar energy systems increase the value of your home and lower your monthly energy bills. Our premium LG home battery reinforces these advantages by providing you a backup power source when shortages occur. 

Our battery will automatically turn on when you lose power and immediately recharge from your solar panels. It also provides sufficient energy storage for both backup when your grid goes down and mitigation of evening time-of-use charges when your rates are generally higher. 

Don’t stop at just your home; our team also offers simplistic electric car charging solutions, too. Our charging inverter combines sun and grid power to charge up to six times faster than standard chargers. The best part is you can track and control everything directly from your phone! 

When you choose SolarMax, you’re choosing the power of innovation. Our team offers: 

  • Reliable and Safe Solar Products: LG Chem has been researching, developing, and manufacturing battery technology for the past 23 years. As their trusted partner, SolarMax is dedicated to delivering a high-quality and dependable battery, so you can feel confident about the efficiency and safety of your home.
  • Professional Installations: From your consultation to the final installation, you’ll be working alongside seasoned roofers and electricians that know and ins and outs of the entire installation process. Our contractors are efficient and precise, so you can enjoy an easy transition into protected solar-powered living! 
  • Home Battery & Solar Panel Financing: SolarMax partners with trusted lenders so we can offer quality financing options and low monthly payments. Your LG home battery installation also qualifies for the Federal renewable energy solar tax credit, meaning you can get back 26% of the battery and installation costs in your next tax return! 

Choose the Experts for Your Solar Energy Solutions

The world moves fast, and the SolarMax team intends to always move with it. As we grow and continue to find better ways to improve your home and the environment, we want you to be along for the ride! With unparalleled financing options and best price guarantees, we can provide the best energy alternative for your San Diego home. Request a free quote today and we can have your LG home backup solution in place as soon as possible.