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San Diego County Solar Panels

Have you been searching for the perfect renewable resource to supplement your home’s energy? Have you ever thought about what a solar panel installation could do for your home? San Diego County’s top solar panel installer is SolarMax Technology, Inc. Our team of well-trained professionals know exactly how to get your home optimal solar power. Our solar panel company’s excellent services include:

  • Residential Solar Panels
  • Commercial Solar Panels
  • Solar Roof Panels
  • Solar Panel Installation

Residential Solar Panels with Excellent Warranties

Putting solar panels on your home is a big investment, but it comes with incredible perks over time. We are so sure you will love our residential solar roof panel products that they come with an incredible 25-year warranty on workmanship, solar panels, and inverters. You can rest assured that your next home solar panel system investment is made to last when you trust in California’s Leading Renewable Energy Provider!

San Diego County's Customizable Commercial Solar Panel Systems

At SolarMax we know commercial properties vary, that is why we offer customizable commercial solar panel systems. Our team will come out and discuss with you all of the benefits each solar panel product can do for your commercial property. Start your solar panel installation discussion today and call the solar panel installers at SolarMax for services that include:

  • Energy Storage
  • Commercial Solar Energy
  • Home Builders
  • SolarMax LED

USA Made Solar Roof Panels

SolarMax Technology, Inc. prides itself on helping the United States thrive. Our solar panel company has worked hard to make sure all of our solar roof panels are made in our 165,000 square foot facility that operates in the USA. We even offer a variety of solar panel options that include:

  • SunSpark Panels
  • Tesla Photovoltaic Module Solar Panels
  • Panasonic Panels
  • CELL Panels

Full-Service Solar Panel Installations for San Diego County

We know that installing solar panels onto your home can be daunting, but when you trust in SolarMax you will get a full-service solar panel installation with little to now fuss. Our solar panel installers stick with you through your initial consultation all the way until your excellent-rated solar panel installation. Take a deep breath and leap into a more energy efficient way for your home to run!

Begin Your New Solar Panel Project and Call our Solar Panel Company Today

You are only one phone call away from starting an energy efficient lifestyle change. Contact SolarMax Technology, Inc. today to get San Diego County’s best solar power option and a free quote.