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Temecula Solar Panel Installation

With planned outages and time-of-use energy costs rising all the time, there’s never been a better time than now to invest in solar energy for your Temecula home! SolarMax Technology has been an industry leader in residential solar systems since 2008, with solar panels that are designed and assembled right here in California. 

By investing in a Temecula solar panel installation from SolarMax, you’ll not only free yourself from your local utility provider and make your home eco-friendlier. You’ll also get incredible financing that makes going solar more affordable than ever.

Temecula’s Most Trusted Alternative Energy Provider

SolarMax is proud to rank among the top 1% of all solar energy providers in the country, with a track record of over 12,000 successful solar installations. Temecula homeowners choose to go solar—and work with us to do it—for a variety of reasons:

  • Quality Products: Our exclusive SMX solar panels are designed and assembled in the United States to guarantee the highest quality. Because they’re locally made, you also avoid international shipping, tariffs, and other fees.
  • Whole-Home Systems: Solar panels are the first step to a total home energy solution, and we offer add-ons to make the system even more convenient for you. For instance, we can install an electric car charging port or a solar back-up battery.
  • Comprehensive Support: We not only install solar panels but can also help with every step of the process, including local/state permitting and in-house solar panel financing with long-term payment plans.
  • Tax Credits: Our solar panels qualify for solar tax credit programs, saving you even more money on the installation! Programs change yearly, so speak with your SolarMax technician for the latest information and how to apply.

To further protect your alternative energy investment, we provide comprehensive 25-year warranties on products and workmanship. 

Learn More About Our Temecula Solar Panel Installation

If you’re tired of being locked into rising energy rates that you can’t control, it’s time to go solar with SolarMax Technology! Our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to meet with you to demonstrate the immediate and long-term savings of a home solar energy system—including a detailed consultation on our in-house financing options.

Take the first step to home energy independence today. Call us to speak with a Temecula solar panel expert, or fill out our online form to grab your free, no-pressure cost estimate now.