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San Jose Solar Panel Installation

More and more people are turning to solar power, and it’s not just about saving money. San Jose homeowners want to be part of the solution to the energy crisis, and solar panel installation is a way to make a significant difference in a household’s energy consumption.

It doesn’t hurt that the cost of converting a home to solar power decreased by more than 50% in the last decade. That means people who were priced out just 10 years ago can now enjoy all the benefits solar power provides.

Since 2008, SolarMax Technology has competed more than 12,000 installations of quality solar panels that are assembled at our own 165,000 square-foot facility and backed by a 25-year labor and parts warranty.

Join the San Jose homeowners who have added value to their homes with expertly installed solar panels.

The Trusted San Jose Alternative Energy Provider

If you’ve considered installing solar panels in the past, it’s time for another look. SolarMax makes it easy and affordable! Benefits of working with us include:

  • Quality Panels: Our premium SMX solar panels are made to deliver outstanding, long-lasting performance. In fact, SolarMax ranks in the top tier for reliability.
  • Expert Installation: We’ll help with every part of the installation, including pulling permits. The entire process from consultation to completion takes about two months, but the actual installation of your solar panels only takes a few days.
  • Easy Financing: We offer in-house solar panel financing with attractive terms. PPA and PACE financing is also available.
  • Tax Credits: A solar tax credit is another way to trim the cost of solar panel installation. Tax credits vary, but we’ll be happy to find all of the options that may apply to you.

Charge Your Car Faster Than Ever!

SolarMax has been an innovator in the industry since we first came on the scene, and our electric car charging system is another example of our ingenuity. It’s the first solar inverter that can charge an electric car.  Level 2 charging in Solar Boost mode provides charging that is six times faster than the typical 120v charging cable.

Learn More about Our San Jose Solar Panel Installation

Greatly reduce your family’s carbon footprint and your energy bill with the help of SolarMax. Contact us for more information about our top-rated solar panels and simple in-house financing. Call today or fill out our online contact form now to schedule a no-cost consultation.