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Rancho Cucamonga Solar Panel Installation

SolarMax Technology came on the scene in 2008—but we didn’t come as a follower. Instead, we’re known as an industry leader that ushered in innovations in both the tech side of solar panel installation and the administrative side.

For example, we were the first to offer in-house financing for residential solar customers, and we introduced the industry’s first fully-integrated energy storage solution approved by LADWP.

We’re proud of these innovations, but we’re even more gratified to know that we’ve helped more than 12,000 homeowners transition to clean, renewable energy.

Alternative Energy Provider Rancho Cucamonga Residents Trust

We talk to many homeowners whose first thought is that they can’t afford to invest in solar panels. The team at SolarMax understands where this thinking comes from since just 10 or so years ago, it was prohibitively expensive for some homeowners.

But there is good news.

The cost of installing solar panels has dropped by 50% in the last decade. What does that mean to you? It means it’s time to take another look at clean, renewable energy for your Rancho Cucamonga home.

SolarMax makes it easy by providing:

  • SMX Solar Panels that Rank in the Top Tier for Reliability
  • Assistance Identifying All Applicable Solar Tax Credit Opportunities
  • In-House Solar Panel Financing
  • Start to Finish Design and Installation in Just Two Months

Do you have an electric car or plan to get one in the future? Our solar inverter is the first in the world that can charge an electric car. Plus, when you use level 2 solar boost mode, the combination of solar and grid power provides electric car charging that is six times faster than a traditional 120v cable.

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Our innovative products, expert installation, and in-house financing make it easy to see why SolarMax Technology is the smart choice for Rancho Cucamonga solar panel installation. Learn more by giving us a call today or fill out our online contact form now to request an in-home consultation and quote.