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Rancho Cucamonga Home Battery For Solar

Today, Rancho Cucamonga families are facing increasing energy uncertainty, including fluctuating rates, rising costs, and planned power outages. Are you prepared for more sustained and frequent power disruptions? 

If you don’t have a back-up plan in place, now is the time to call SolarMax Technology! Our solar-powered home battery systems can give you a reliable energy source during scheduled blackouts, natural disasters, or other power outages. We’ll make sure your critical devices have power when you need it most, even when the grid is off.

Peace of Mind and Other Home Battery Benefits 

In our uncertain energy landscape, a home battery back-up can give you instant peace of mind. Our batteries store up to 10kWh of power and automatically activate whenever you lose power from your utility provider. Your medical devices, Wi-Fi-, and other essential appliances will be able to draw power until coverage is restored.

Beyond the importance of preparing for power emergencies, our home batteries also help lower energy costs. They can store solar energy during the day and the draw from the store later, whenever your utility costs are higher. You’ll also have access to convenient platform monitoring to check on your power store as necessary.

Rancho Cucamonga Residential Solar System

At SolarMax Technology, LG home batteries are just one component of our comprehensive residential solar systems. Our back-up batteries are an important means of emergency-proofing your home in Rancho Cucamonga, and they’ll integrate seamlessly into your complete home system—including our USA-designed solar panels, solar-powered electric car charging ports, and more!

Here’s the deal.

By choosing our solar professionals, you can get the comprehensive expertise you need:

  • Reliable Products: We assemble our own solar panels here in our California facility. For products that we don’t make ourselves, we’ve partnered with industry leaders like LG.
  • Renewable Energy Financing: Although the cost of solar panels has dropped by 50% in the last decade, we know that price can still be an issue. We’ll work with you to find solar panel financing that works for you.
  • Help with Incentives: We’re in the top 1% of solar installers in the United States, and our experts can help you find and apply for solar tax credit programs, rebates, and other incentives.

Learn More About Our Rancho Cucamonga Home Battery Systems

Whether you already have solar panels and just need a back-up battery or you’re looking for a brand-new renewable energy installation, SolarMax Technology is ready to help. Contact our local experts for more information on home battery installations and solar financing options. Just give us a call or fill out our online form now!