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Pomona Solar Panels

SolarMax Technology is California’s only solar panel company to custom craft and install our own high-quality SunSpark solar panels. With our team of selectively chosen engineers and expert solar panel installers, your home in Pomona will have energy-efficient power for decades. By putting our top-quality solar panels through triple-stage testing and making sure they receive a 100% El inspection score, we can guarantee our solar panels are created to last.

As one of the only solar panel companies in the U.S. to rank in the highest tier in terms of reliability, we’re proud to be recognized by DNV-GL, which is a reputable testing lab. Our solar panels will provide all the power your home needs and boost curb appeal instead of detracting from it.

Pomona’s Most Trusted Solar Panel Company

Our solar panel installation process is customized to your home’s measurements, landscape, and geographic location. Our engineers create affordable solar panels designed to provide your home with all the electricity you use each month. Then, our highly trained installers provide you with SunSpark panels that are:

  • Premium Quality from a Company with Complete Quality Control
  • Highly Intelligent and Cancel the Effects of Shade and Cloudy Weather
  • Highly Energy Efficient and Guarantee Stellar Performance
  • Incredibly Durable Materials Considered the Industry’s Highest Standard
  • And Much, Much More!

If you, like many other Pomona homeowners, choose to switch to solar power as your primary energy source, trust our industry-respected solar panel company to offer what you need. Our local solar panels are a personalized investment that can power your home for the next 30 years or longer, so our experts make sure your solar panel installation is finished flawlessly before we end the project. With our flexible financing options, we’ll make sure your project is cost-efficient!

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