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Pomona Home Battery For Solar

While installing solar panels is one of the best decisions a Pomona homeowner can make in regards to clean energy and lowering monthly energy bills, individuals often wonder how they will hold up during a severe storm or rolling blackout.

As a top-rated provider of home solar system options in California, Solar Max Technology has all of the information you want and need.

Not only does our company pride itself on offering the best solar panels and solar panel financing in the area, but we also have quality home battery products that will keep your energy going, no matter what type of weather conditions you’re experiencing.

The Top Established Home Solar Company for Pomona

Once your solar panel installation is complete, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to keep you grid operating correctly in less than perfect conditions. 

That’s where the home battery products at Solar Max Technology come in! 

Our industry-leading team can offer all of the award-winning accessories you need to enhance the performance of your solar panels. This includes home batteries and electric car chargers. All of our products and services also come with a comprehensive collection of services and amenities, such as: 

  • Free Cost Estimates: Before you choose your solar panels and home batter products, one of our expertly-trained contractors will come to your home and perform a free, all-inclusive evaluation of your property’s energy needs.

  • Award-Winning Products: Thanks to our brand-name LG batteries, you can rest assured that your system will still be up and running no matter how big the weather or rolling blackouts might get. 

  • Dual-Use Solutions: Each of our LG batteries at Solar Max Technology has 10kWh of energy storage for battery backup and routine mitigation of evening time-of-use charges. 

  • Affordable Financing & Tax Credit Programs: Not only do we offer some of the best financing options available, but our team can also help get you qualified for Federal solar panel tax credits.

Learn More About Our Home Battery Products in Pomona

At Solar Max Technology, we’re pleased to offer a full range of benefits to make your solar panel and home battery instillation a success. From financing and warranties to top-rated products, our team has it all. Call us today or fill out our online form to set-up a free quote with our Pomona solar energy specialists.