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Perris Solar Panels

Are you a homeowner in Perris whose learned about the benefits of switching your home’s energy source to solar power? At SolarMax Technology, we offer our clients solar panels that are created in our facilities by a team of exceptional engineers. We’re able to customize our highly efficient solar panels to meet the energy needs of your home each month.

We’re proud that our solar panel company is one of the only solar panel companies in the U.S. to be ranked in the highest tier for reliability. Our solar panels go through triple-stage testing, and they’ve won high acclaim with the respected product testing lab, DNV-GL.

Cutting-Edge Solar Panels in Perris Installed by Experts

Our incredibly efficient SunSpark solar panels can last Perris homeowners for 30 years or more! By crafting highly resilient, weather-resistant solar panels in a facility where SolarMax has complete quality control, we ensure your solar panels will benefit your home for a long time to come.

These solar panels are installed by our selectively-chosen team of solar panel experts. Our solar panel installation process begins by carefully measuring your home’s dimensions while considering geographic location and landscape. We can offer flexible financing options for our solar panels, so you won’t have to worry over cost.

Then, our custom SunSpark panels custom-fit to your home and will provide you with:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency for Many Years
  • Superior Solar Panel Performance Compared to the Competition
  • Highly Intelligent Design that Blocks the Effects of Shade and Clouds
  • Extremely Strong Material Ranked the Industry’s Highest Standard
  • And Much More!

Call Our Perris Solar Panel Installers Now for a Free Project Estimate

At SolarMax Technology in Perris, we have a team of local solar panel installers who would like to offer you a free project estimate. To receive your free estimate, please call our Perris team today and schedule a consultation with us! You can also reach our experts by filling out our easy online form.