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Ontario Home Battery For Solar

Is your Ontario home ready for a sustained power outage? Whether due to emergency or planned shut-offs by California utilities’ companies, power outages are becomingly increasingly common across the state—and you may get only a few days’ notice, if any! Even solar-powered homes can be affected, as utility providers prohibit solar panels from feeding power into the grid during a blackout.

For peace of mind that your home will stay powered no matter what, turn to SolarMax Technology! We offer powerful home battery systems that allow your Wi-Fi, medical devices, and other essential electronics to receive power during a blackout. You will have a reliable power source, even when life is uncertain.

Ontario’s Leading Renewable Energy Provider 

At SolarMax Technology, we’ve worked on more than 12,000 homes and commercial properties, and we’re proud to be among the top 1% of solar installers in the nation. We’re the only California company to make our own premium solar panels—assembled here in our local, 165,000-square-foot facility.

What does that mean for you? 

Since our home battery back-up systems are powered by solar energy, our experience as a solar manufacturer and installer gives us a serious edge over other providers! We not only install back-up batteries in Ontario but have comprehensive knowledge of the entire renewable energy landscape. 

With our home battery systems, you’ll get:

  • Emergency Power: When the grid goes down, our back-up batteries offer 10kWh of power to keep your medical devices running, your internet functioning, or even your electric car charging.
  • Protection from Rate Changes: Our batteries will store your solar energy during the day and then use it during the more expensive evening hours, saving you money.
  • Reliable Performance: LG is an industry leader in battery power and offers a quiet, low-maintenance home battery with a convenient monitoring platform.
  • Money Back: Home batteries often qualify for solar tax credit and rebate programs. We’d be happy to discuss the latest state and federal programs available to Ontario homeowners. 
  • Financing Options: We offer long-term solar panel financing with $0 down for qualifying homeowners. You can pay off your solar system over time, spending less per month than you do on your current energy bills!

Get the Lasting Peace of Mind of a Back-up Home Battery in Ontario

Ready to emergency-proof your home? Then reach out to SolarMax Technology to find out more about our renewable energy systems and solar-powered home battery solutions. Call us to learn more about our solar financing options today! To sign up for a free consultation and quote, fill out our online form now.