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Jurupa Valley Home Battery For Solar

Are you prepared for a power outage at your Jurupa Valley home? From natural disasters like earthquakes or wildfires, the unexpected can strike at any time. At SolarMax, we’re here to help you navigate those difficult times as easily as possible.

We offer home batteries as part of your home solar system. Because solar panel use can be prohibited during mandated blackouts, home batteries are designed to help you run crucial appliances during these times. At SolarMax, these units are even covered by our solar panel financing plans.

Established Home Solar Company in the Area

When you schedule a solar panel installation that includes a home battery option, you’re making a safe choice. This home battery will ensure that you’ll be able to run your refrigerator, lights, and even medical devices if necessary during blackout periods.

Home batteries aren’t just a safe option to have in times of an emergency. They can also help you save money throughout the year. Using energy from the grid at peak times (like certain evening hours) can lead to expensive utility bills. By storing solar energy captured during the day, these batteries provide an alternative option for energy during the evening hours.

Call for a Solar Home Battery Quote in Jurupa Valley

Partner with the experts at SolarMax for answers to all of your questions about Jurupa Valley solar panel services. Just give us a call or get in touch via our online form, and we’ll start you off with a free, no-obligation estimate for your home battery installation.

We’ll also provide you plenty of information about our flexible financing options and our 25-year workmanship warranty. Don’t get stuck paying unnecessarily high utility bills as technology passes you by. Invest in renewable energy that’s good for the earth and your budget.