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Irvine Solar Panel Installation

Have you always dreamed of having a home that runs solely off of solar energy? If so, that dream can now become a reality. Thanks to advances in technology and more affordable installation costs, it is now easier than ever to power your home with solar panels on your roof.

Although, you shouldn’t hire just any solar energy company to install the panels. SolarMax Technology is one of the top solar panel installation companies in Irvine. In ten years, we have completed over 12,000 successful installations, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands with us.

Alternative Energy Provider for Your Irvine Home

To start your solar panel installation, SolarMax Technology sends a knowledgeable consultant to your home. During this step, you have the opportunity to discuss your energy consumption, savings goals, and any other relevant information. Your consultant also take this time to assess your home, its location, the amount of sunlight it gets, and more. All of this information helps you to get the best solar panel installation.

However, great attention to detail isn’t the only reason to choose experienced professionals. SolarMax Technology offers several other benefits, including:

·  Design & Permit Assistance: You never have to worry about dealing with the design and permit application on your own because a team of experts are on top of it.

·  Premium Panels: SolarMax premium SMX solar panels are assembled tariff-free in the USA.

·  Optional Installation Services: You can pair an electric car charging station with your solar panel installation.

·  Affordable Financing Solutions: In addition to the solar tax credit, you can make your installation more affordable with solar panel financing that starts at $0 down and a wide variety of terms to choose from.

Request a Free Quote for Solar Panel Installation Services in Irvine

Whether you want to know more about solar financing or the installation process, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact SolarMax Technology. A helpful call representative can provide you with more information on the cost of your project and walk you through the steps of the installation. If you would rather start by requesting a free quote online, feel free to submit your information through the simple quote form.