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Fontana Solar Panel Installation

Tired of being locked into California’s ever-rising energy costs? Looking to make a smart investment into your Fontana home? Then get started today with a solar panel installation from SolarMax Technology!

By transitioning to renewable energy, you can cut energy costs immediately and future proof your home against probable rate increases. As rolling blackouts and planned outages become more common, you’ll also have peace of mind that your family has an alternative energy source ready to be harnessed.

Fontana’s Industry-Leading Alternative Energy Provider 

SolarMax has been revolutionizing solar energy solutions since 2008, and over the last decade, we’ve installed more than 12,000 systems—each custom-designed to the specifications of that individual project. Unlike the many solar companies that merely install solar panels in Fontana, we produce our own, too!

What does that mean for you?

It’s simple. Our California-based design, engineering, and assembly process guarantees exceptional quality at a very competitive price. Our SMX solar panels exceed the standards set by many other brands without having to be shipped around the world. The innovative engineering of these solar panels has also made us one of only four U.S. companies to earn top reliability rankings.

Our Solar Services and Solutions

At SolarMax, we’re proud to be our customers’ single source for every aspect of alternative energy installation. Homeowners across Fontana trust us to provide:

Learn More About Saving Money on Your Fontana Solar Panel Installation

The cost of solar energy installations have dropped in recent years, and SolarMax’s in-house financing options make your renewable energy installations even more budget-friendly. Many of our customers finance their entire project and end up paying less per month than they do on utilities!

Ready to learn more? Then reach out to SolarMax Technology today for a free solar analysis and in-depth discussion of your potential savings. Just call us or fill out our online form to request your free cost estimate now.