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Thinking about installing solar panels in your Corona home? Then you might be interested to learn about the solar tax credit program, available to U.S. homeowners through the end of 2021. Solar panels purchased or financed through SolarMax Technology qualify for the federal solar tax credit, which can help make your home energy system more affordable by reducing your tax liability.

Not sure how it works?

Read more about the Corona solar tax credit here and then schedule a free solar consultation with one of our local experts! Although we can’t give professional tax advice, we will answer all your questions about solar panels and provide the information and resources you need to make the right choice for you.

Fast Facts About the Solar Tax Credit in Corona

·  Through 2019, the solar tax credit allows for a credit equal to 26% of your home energy system’s total cost. This may include roofing, permitting, electrical panel updates, and more.

·  Until 2021, the credit rate will continue to go down each year—making now the ideal time to start!

·  The solar tax credit is claimed directly on your federal tax return by submitting IRS Form 5695.

·  Because it is a credit rather than a rebate or reimbursement, you’ll only save if you have a federal tax liability.

Residential Solar Energy for Your Corona Home

Far from the benefit of a one-time solar tax credit, SolarMax Solar Panels are a long-term investment into your home in Corona. Our cutting-edge solar panels are designed, fabricated, and tested right here in California, and they’ll help you reduce your home’s ecological footprint while saving money that would otherwise go to local energy providers.

A 30-year solar panel lifespan means decades of savings for you!

To ensure the highest levels of performance, our solar products are always customized to each home and each household’s energy consumption patterns. They’re also backed by a 25-year warranty for further peace of mind.

Get Your Corona Solar Tax Credit Questions Answered Today!

Take advantage of the best rates on the federal solar tax credit by getting started on your Corona solar panels sooner rather than later. The earlier you begin, the higher the rate you may qualify for!

SolarMax Technology has installed solar products in well over 12,000 properties across California since 2008, and we’d love to help your home run on clean sunshine today! Give us a call or complete our quick online form to request your free solar consultation now.