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Corona Solar Panel Installation

Are you considering solar panel installation?  Since 2008, SolarMax Technology has been a driving force in the industry, leading the way with innovations that have made solar power more affordable and reliable.

In fact, our SMX solar panels rank in the top tier for reliability, and we’re one of only four US solar companies that can make that claim.

We’ve helped thousands of Corona homeowners make the money-saving switch to solar energy, and we can do the same for you quickly and affordably.

Alternative Energy Provider, Corona

The process of installing solar panels can seem overwhelming, and you probably have many questions:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How does it all work?
  • Is there a lot of maintenance involved?
  • What if it’s overcast?

We’ll take time to answer all of your questions, and to help you with every detail of the installation process including designing a custom system, solar panel financing, applying solar tax credit opportunities, and much more.

You probably know about many of the benefits such as reducing or eliminating your electric bill and lowering your carbon footprint, but there are other benefits you may not have heard about such as:

  • California homes with solar power sell faster.
  • Solar panels significantly increase your home’s value.
  • Our solar inverter allows for electric car charging—and it’s the first in the world to do so!

Plus, when you use level 2 charging with Solar Boost, you can charge your car six times faster than with a traditional cable.

The benefits of solar power make it well worth the investment, so join the more than 12,000 homeowners we’ve helped to make the transition!

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SolarMax Technology expertly installs top-rated solar panels and provides ongoing support to our Corona residential customers. Contact us to learn more about the process, our in-house financing, and to schedule a free consultation. Give us a call today or fill out our online form now to get started.