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Corona Home Battery For Solar

Powering your home with solar is efficient, smart, and innovative, but did you know you can make your energy system even better? Make the most of your solar energy system with SolarMax Technology. 

Our LG 10 kWh home battery ensures your home remains safe throughout power outages, mandatory blackouts, and more. Our priority is to provide the best protection for your home and help you save on your monthly bills, too. 

Your Reliable Corona Renewable Energy Provider 

California’s utility providers have recently made some unpopular changes to their policies that negatively impact many homeowners. The recent switch to a time-of-use billing method charges higher rates at times when you use the most energy. 

With our LG home battery, you can be storing energy all day so you can tap into it in the evening when your rates generally increase. Not only will this lower your overall energy bills, but it will also mitigate the amount of energy you’re using throughout the entire day.

When it comes to going green, you don’t have to stop at your home. We offer premium electric car charging, too. With our solar-powered technology, you can charge your electric vehicle up to six times faster than your current factory 120V charging cable. 

When you work with SolarMax, you can save time, money, and the environment all at once. You’ll also enjoy unparalleled benefits such as: 

  • Free Consultations & Estimates: Take advantage of a no-obligation inspection and quote, so you know all the options to maximize your solar energy system. One of our experts will work alongside you for a custom plan that suits your needs. 
  • Optimal Protection for Your Home: When your solar panels are automatically shut off due to mandatory blackouts, your home will still be receiving power from your backup battery. Our home battery will ensure your critical appliances are running through anything. 
  • Flexible Financing on Cost-Effective Products: Our home battery and solar panel financing options ensure you can find the best option for your home. We offer a variety of pricing options thanks to partnerships with our trusted lenders. 
  • Solar Tax Credit Incentives: On top of great pricing, your LG home battery installation qualifies for the Federal renewable energy tax credit, meaning you can get back 26% of the battery and installation costs in your next tax return! 

Get a Free Estimate on Your LG Home Battery Today 

With SolarMax Technology, you can achieve the best protection on your solar energy system at an affordable price. We offer a multitude of affordable financing options and reliable products, so you can get the best deal on an investment that will continue to save you money year over year! Don’t wait for premium solar protection. Call today to talk with one of our specialists and get started with a free quote.