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Anaheim Solar Roofing

Have you considered an eco-friendly solar roofing system for your home in Anaheim? Solar roof installation doesn’t have to be as expensive as you thought. SolarMax Technology offers flexible payment solutions for high-quality solar panels engineered for your home.

Our solar roof installers are professionally trained to create a solar energy system that meets your monthly energy needs. For over 10 years, we’ve been providing satisfied clients with a solar energy system they can rely on. We’ve installed solar systems for 12,000 homes so far, and we can’t wait to get started on your home in Anaheim.

Expert Anaheim Solar Roof Installers Who Deliver High-Value Results

Our solar roof installers create a solar energy system for your home by offering a free consultation and cost estimate. Afterwards, we’ll have you answer some questions about your monthly energy uses to create a system that supports your energy needs each day.

Our successful solar roofing installation process is thanks to the hard work and knowledge of our solar roofers and expert scientists. With them, we can:

  • Analyze your roof and property to determine which solar panels are best for you
  • Analyze your home’s exposure to sunlight and natural shading
  • Choose a solar panel system that fits your unique needs
  • Select an inverter type with you, such as standard inverters, micro inverters, and central inverters with optimizers

If you’re worried about solar panel cost, we have many payment plan solutions. We believe everyone should have access to premium solar panel installation.

Call Now for a Free Estimate with Our Solar Roofers in Anaheim!

Our solar roofers in Anaheim at SolarMax Technology would like to offer you a free estimate for your personalized project. To receive your free estimate, please call our solar roofers in Anaheim today and schedule a consultation with us or fill out our easy online form. We also offer many financing and warranty options to give you peace of mind.