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Show employees your company’s commitment to clean,
green renewable energy.

Questions that will be answered at the Lunch-n-Learn

  • How do I read my utility bill?
  • What do the tiers on my electric bill mean?
  • Am I a good candidate for solar?
  • Will solar save me money?
  • What does having solar panels do to the value of my home?
  • What’s better; a lease or a purchase program?
  • What happens if I sell my house and I have solar panels?
  • How much money can I really save?
  • What are the rebates all about?
  • Is solar a scam?
  • How to choose a solar company?
  • How do I get started?
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See what others have to say about our Lunch & Learn's:

Having SolarMax Technology come to our office for a lunch & Learn was a great way to learn all about
solar for our homes and the incentives to purchase it in a casual, “non-salesy” atmosphere.  Everyone
had different questions so you got to learn even more details.  The team that came out were
professional, friendly and knowledgeable.  All that and free lunch! Can we buy cars that way?

Karen Marie Rashid, Marketing Manager @ RP&B CPA’s

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