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SolarMax offer promotion on solar energy systems and solar panel installation company

Wondering where to invest in this uncertain market?

SolarMax Technology is exclusively offering California homeowners the low-risk, high yield investment of solar panels by making up the lost tax credit AND by providing 2.99%APR financing with Zero Down.

Get a 5% Discount to make up the lost tax credit

2019 was the last year for homeowners to cash in on the federal solar tax credit of 30%. This year the tax credit has dropped to 26% - which means that when you buy or finance your solar energy system, you can still claim a 26% tax credit on the ENTIRE cost of going solar.

To make up for this year’s lowered incentive, only SolarMax is applying an additional 5% discount off the total cost of your solar energy system. For the average SolarMax customer that is about a thousand dollars of additional savings on top of this year’s tax incentive!

Capitalize on current market conditions and get 2.99% APR

The uncertainty in the stock market is leaving many of us wondering where to invest right now. Many experts recommend that investing in your California home is the smart and safe place to put your money.

Investing in Solar is Low-Risk and High-Yield. The number one recommended California home improvement for adding home value is upgrading your roof with solar panels. The average SolarMax customer who is on a public utility such as Edison, SDG&E or PG&E is seeing around a 14% Annual ROI on their Solar Investment on financed systems.

SolarMax solar energy systems come with 25 year warranties and are designed to virtually guarantee your solar investment will perform for 30 years.

SMX Solar Panels

You can get SMX Solar Panels that are rated one of the most reliable panels in the world. They are designed, engineered and assembled tariff-free in our California headquarters and come with a 25-year production warranty.

System Options

  • LG Home Battery Backup - You can inexpensively add a LG home battery that is charged by your solar panels. Your home battery is designed to keep your Wi-Fi, TV, refrigerators, lights and important appliances powered for days when the grid goes down. Stay powered and safe with home battery backup.
  • Solar Electric Car Charger – If you own an electric car or plan to own one, consider adding the world’s first car charging solar inverter that is designed to save you the time, money and hassle of installing a fast 240V Level 2 car charger to your home and you'll benefit from cheaply powering your car on sunshine.


SolarMax customers have a huge advantage by gaining access to the industry’s best financing with these exclusive features:

  • Solar Tax Credit – The tax credit still exists and is now at 26%. We’ll apply your future tax credit now to reduce your financed solar payments today.
  • 5% Discount – We are making up this year’s lowered tax credit by applying a full 5% discount to your total solar system cost.
  • 2.99% APR – Lock in a historically low interest rate for an ultra-low payment.
  • ZERO Down – Start saving immediately by switching to solar with no upfront costs.

How we can do it

SolarMax Technology is the only California solar company whose entire operation is all under one roof.

No middle-men – By doing everything in-house we pass all the savings on to you.

  • Premium solar panels are designed, engineered and assembled here in Southern California avoiding panel import tariffs, shipping charges and distributor mark-ups
  • In-house design and engineering teams
  • Enormous warehouse gives us better purchasing power

SolarMax Technology headquarters is located in its 165,000 sq ft historic, solar-powered building in Riverside, California.

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Terms and Conditions: Financing is available on approved credit. 2.99% APR financing is through LoanPal. $0 down payment required with a payment within 16 months equal to the 26% federal renewable energy tax credit (ITC) required. A 5% discount will be applied on purchased or financed systems after all incentives are applied to the total system cost. Offer valid on contracts signed on or after 3/12/2020 and can expire at any time. Offer available only in areas that SolarMax Technology directly services (Counties of LA, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino). Cannot be combined with any other offer.