FLEX Energy Storage System™

Getting your energy from the grid can be an intermittent thing, particularly if you live in Southern California. Blackouts and brownouts are fairly common in the summer months when electricity use is at an all-time high. In the past, a solar power system would not be able to provide electrical power when the grid goes down. Things have changed since SolarMax Technology introduced its Flex Energy Storage System™. Now you can store the energy you harvest during the day, and use it in the event of a blackout or power outage.

A Solar Panel Battery Backup Provides Stored Energy for Your Southern California Home

Southern California residents live with power outages. This affects millions of homeowners. The effect can cause residents to miss programming, be unable to work on a project on the computer or be unable to find their way around the house without a flashlight. However, for some families the impact is greater. Older residents may find it difficult to compensate for a lack of light and appliances. In addition, residents who have medical conditions that make them dependent on medical appliances are threatened by power outages.

SolarMax Technology has delivered the FLEX Energy Storage System™ to complement new solar installations, existing solar energy systems, or homes without solar. It is the industry’s first fully integrated energy storage solution to protect you when the grid goes down.

How the Flex Energy Storage System™ Works

Using a solar power system gives you the ability to harvest energy from the sun and not be dependent on the utility companies. However, during a blackout or grid failure solar energy systems shut-down. When solar power backup (Emergency Battery Backup) is required the Flex system will kick into action. It is prebuilt and contains all necessary components and hardware. You preselect what appliances and devices you want the Flex system to power, and when needed, Flex does just that until power is restored.

With five kWh’s of available energy, the Flex Energy Storage System™ can provide the following:

Laptop power for 80 hours

Five 7-watt LED light bulbs for 100 hours

Flat screen TV for 40 hours

Refrigerator for 48 hours

Oxygen Machine 10 hours

Being able to power your home during outages is an important benefit that won’t leave you sitting in the dark.

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