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Orange County Solar Roofing

Solar roof installation brings with it many benefits for homeowners in Orange County. However, you might be wondering if the effort of installing solar will be too much to handle. While any home renovation involves some challenges, at SolarMax Technology we do everything possible to provide a stress-free experience.

Our solar roof installers are trained and certified experts across multiple fields. We also offer upfront consultations and solar roofing assessment before any work begins. Lastly, our financing team works hard to help you afford the costs of upgrading to solar through tax credits, rebates, and payment plans.

Our Solar Roof Installers Provide Swift, Skilled Services in Orange County

SolarMax Technology makes a point of only providing top-notch products for our customers. Our solar panels and home solar systems are assembled in an advanced 168,000 sq. ft facility in Riverside, CA. We’ll make sure that your new solar roof installation meets your power needs and is properly laid out before we even bring it to the property!

When you hire us as solar roofers, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits with your new solar system:

  • Complimentary solar panel cost estimates
  • Comprehensive services, including panel and battery installation
  • Solar roof installers with knowledge in electrical work, carpentry, and roofing
  • Help with Design and permit applications
  • Amazing 25-year warranties for solar power systems and workmanship

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You can arrange a complimentary consultation with a specialist to discuss your options and request a free quote. We’ll also go over our financing options and provide a solar roofing assessment. You’ll even have a chance to learn more about our products and warranty coverage.