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Our professional installers have over a decade of experience installing home solar.

Bloomington Residential Solar Energy Panels

Solar Max Technology, Inc is Bloomington’s first choice, full-service solar solution. As a leader in solar roofing, we offer high-quality energy systems designed and manufactured in the USA.

California homeowners turn to us for help with:

Your One-Stop Shop for Home Solar in Bloomington

Since 2008, Solar Max has been California’s leading renewable energy provider. We are proud to offer only premium home solar products and our experienced team is trained to handle everything from permitting to maintenance. In addition, our expert solar energy consultants will help you analyze your home’s energy usage and property layout to design your new home solar panel system.

State of the Art Energy Storage Systems

A home’s solar panels do more than provide electricity when the sun is shining. They also feedback their surplus energy into the electric utility grid. After sunset, when the panels go dark, those homeowners then depend on their public utility to “return” the surplus.

Of course, when that electric grid goes down, it can’t accept this extra power, so current regulations require Bloomington homeowners to shut down their solar energy systems, leaving them in the dark with everyone else. But a state-of-the-art home battery system from Solar Max can help you keep the lights on.

Experienced Solar Installers

Installing a residential solar energy system involves several of your Bloomington home’s components. From the roof to the electrical grid, there are a lot of details that your solar panel installers must keep in mind. That’s why our installation team consists of certified roofers and electricians with specialized training in solar panel installation. Our team has completed over 12,000 projects and has over a decade of experience protecting our customer’s homes from damage.

Making Solar Affordable for California

While many California homeowners are interested in residential solar energy, the upfront price tag of installing a new system can be intimidating. The good news is that the costs associated with home solar continue to fall every year, making clean electricity more affordable than ever. In addition, federal solar tax credits are still available, which can help you further reduce the costs associated with solar roofing. Solar Max is also proud to offer easy financing arrangements that help put solar power obtainable for most Bloomington homes.

Let’s Talk About Your Home Solar Today

Are you ready to talk to someone about home solar? Talk to one of our Bloomington solar installers today to get started. In addition to residential and commercial solar and power storage systems, we also offer custom roofing services. Call our office or use our easy online form to schedule your free consultation.

Home Solar Systems Starting at Less Than $40/month

Enjoy top savings on our premier Solar Panels & Microinverters - starting at $39.83/month!
4.8 out of 5
based on 45 Reviews
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4.8 out of 5
based on 45 Reviews

Great service from day one. Terry B was very knowledgable and really helped understand the benefits of solar. He made it sound so simple and easy. They handled everything with my home owners as well as SCE. I have already recommended a friend and he is getting his hooked up this week.

Robert P.

2 years ago

California Solar Company

All-in-One Solar Power Solution

SolarMax is driving the industry forward with full-service, custom renewable energy solutions that bring the solar revolution to you.

  • Consult
  • Design
  • Install

We discuss your needs and evaluate your energy consumption for optimal solar energy system planning - including financing solutions.


Your solar panel and battery system is uniquely designed to your home and zoning requirements - we even attain the permits for you.


Certified professionals install and test your solar panel system - backed by 25-Year product and workmanship warranties.

Powered by Innovation

SolarMax customers have a huge advantage over other solar companies. When it comes to our USA assembled premium solar panels, we keep costs low—and quality high—with all our operations under one big, efficient roof. Even better? All the quality and savings are passed onto you—our valued customer.

Solar Roofing Systems

Solar Roofing Systems

Made-in-the-USA premium quality solar panels are designed to be attractive, highly efficient and extremely durable.

Home Battery Storage

Home Battery Storage

Battery backup systems allow your home to be powered on even when the grid is down due to blackouts or natural disasters.

Electric Car Charging

Electric Car Charging

Stop relying on gas stations or charging stations when you charge your electric car at home with your solar panel system.

Become A Solar Leader

Start Saving Now

With $0 down and special financing, the federal tax credit and California solar rebates, plus substantial energy savings, your solar system will pay for itself.

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Get The Best Price, No Middle Man

By doing everything in-house, we pass all the saving on to you.

Assembled Locally

Solar Panels Assembled Locally

Avoid panel import tariffs as well as shipping, freight and distribution mark-ups.

In-House Design

In-House Design and Engineering

Solar experts work with you to customize your system for your individual power needs.


State of Art Warehouse

Our warehouse allows us greater purchasing power to reduce costs to the customer.

Customer Service

Customer Service Hub

Dedicated project management team to help during your build and for years to come.

Customer Reviews


SolarMax did an outstanding job in handling our solar project. From the beginning to the end every SolarMax employee handled themselves professionally and courteously. The project took less than 90 days from contract signing to PTO and was seamless. I highly recommend SolarMax for any solar installation project.

Joe Aceves



What a wonderful experience, to what we felt was an overwhelming process. This company is SO good - From the sales person, to the project manager, to the installers/electricians - if was simple, easy, and will save us SO much money. Our panels were installed yesterday - in 6 hours flat - and we could not be happier.

Amy Levin


I now have 34 panels on my home from SolarMax and have been impressed by their product, pricing, sales and installation teams. For someone considering solar, keep in mind there's been a big rush as the federal tax rebates are now on the downward slide. For people considering solar, go bigger than you think you're going to need..."

Patrick P.


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