Extremely Responsive and Patient

Jacob Richardson (Riverside office) and SolarMax are fantastic.  I reviewed many companies and SolarMax won my business after many months of research. Extremely responsive and patient, and most important, price competitive. Some of their competitors disappeared after I asked more than three questions.  Way different with Jacob and team. He stuck it out and proved to me he really wanted my business. As far as the hardware goes, I considered it a commodity, so I gave most weighting to service and installation expertise.  And that's where SolarMax shined hands down.  Every interaction I had with various parts of SolarMax rated five stars, so I know their excellent business practices are reinforced within the company culture. A rarity, these days.  And finally, the solar panel system is performing exactly how it was represented to me in all documents. I am very happy with it.

Lou M. - Yelp


Lou M. - Yelp

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