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SolarMax Solar Purchase Plan vs Tesla Solar Subscription
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While considering whether to go with renting a solar system from Tesla or investing in your home with SolarMax Technology we invite you to look at a comparison of the two.

SolarMax Technology Pro

Own your solar energy system

Get the full 26% tax credit

Added home value

Doesn’t discourage prospective homebuyers when you sell your home

Premium SMX Solar Panels:

SolarMax SMX panels are designed, engineered and assembled, tariff-free in the SolarMax California headquarters

Rated one of the most reliable panels in the world

25 Year Warranties

25 year solar panel warranty

25 year limited workmanship warranty

Tesla Cons

Lease subscription costs 8% more per month

Non-refundable deposit required to request a reservation

Monthly rental rates can increase at any time with only 30 days to accept or cancel

tesla home

SolarMax Technology

Long-Term Financing for an Ultra-Low Payment

20 year term at 3.99% APR
$0 down payment required
We apply your future 26% federal tax credit upfront to keep your payments low today

Cheaper than a Tesla

$49/mo for 3.1kW vs $65/mo for 3.8kW = 8% cheaper per month

Add-ons available

LG Home Battery for home backup and Time of Use savings
Level 2 car charging inverter


Homeowner receives no tax credit

Adds no value to your home

Installation is limited to only 9 California utilities

SolarMax Technology

Available in virtually all California utilities

No deposit required

Energy consultation creates the right size system you need and guarantees the power that it will produces for 10 years


No in-depth energy consultation to create a custom system that meets your unique needs. The one-click subscription is a pay and pray model.

The Powerwall for home battery backup cannot be included in the lease

No power production guarantee

tesla solar

Invest In Your Home With Solarmax Technology!