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I've had my Solarmax solar system with the SMX 300W solar panels that they make in CA for almost 2 years now. One of the reasons I chose them was the 25 and 30 year warranties and the quality of the system components. When I got the system they gave me a power production guarantee stating my system will produce what they say it will for 10 years. Well after my first full year (2018) I got my annual statement and my SMX panels and Enphase microinverters produced 26% more than expected. 26%!!! That explains why my wife can keep the AC at 72 and my pool pump diligently doing its job ALL YEAR LONG... in Riverside! And at the end of the year, Riverside Public Utilities gave me a $40 check for the extra energy I didnt use that they bought back from me over the year. This was exactly what my sales rep Dan told me would happen. I figured he was over promising. But this Solarmax power plant on my roof over delivered as promised. My wife keeps telling me that this is the best investment we've made in the house... well, beside the kitchen remodel :)

SolarMax Technology

Thank you for giving such a detailed review Aaron. At SolarMax Technology we pride ourselves on delivering a premium solar energy system that is designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. The goal is to deliver maximum performance at a maximum savings. Glad to hear back from you and we'll be sure to pass your comments over to them team.

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