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After spending about two months researching PV solar and getting estimates from seven solar installers, I chose SolarMax. Another company that was more local was my first choice but when I visited their facility, it was a real dump. I would not trust them to be in business until the end of the month much less long enough to honor a 25 year warranty. The SolarMax facility in Riverside is large, clean, modern and impressive. I believe they have about 200 employees, each a specialist in their specific duties. No subcontractors there. Surprising to me, in spite of having such a facility and specifying name brand, high efficiency equipment for my system, they were the most inexpensive based on cost per kW. The preparation for the installation took longer than I expected and there were some snags but each problem was ultimately dealt with to my satisfaction. In my experience with contractors, that is seldom the case. Also, Jacob Richardson, their salesperson, was available from start to beyond finish as were their Customer Service Dept. personnel. I was very picky and wanted some special features that would not be part of a standard installation, but they provided them all. The system is now installed and operating as expected. Between SolarMax and SolarEdge (the inverter and optimizer manufacturer) personnel, the system's operation and capabilities were thoroughly explained to me and the monitoring software was installed. There are a ton of PV solar installers out there but I doubt you could do better than SolarMax Technologies.

SolarMax Technology

Your thorough review is much appreciated Glenn. We'll be sure to pass along the feedback to Jake and Customer Service regarding your experiences. If you're open to it we might reach out to you in the future to see if you would like to be recognized as one of our highlighted projects where we can show others the type of system you have and the goals you are accomplishing with your SolarMax system. But for now, welcome to the SolarMax family and we are happy to hear you are enjoying powering your home with the sun.

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