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My first five was a great experience. The company does excellent work. In addition, the sale process went smooth as can be. My Sales Rep was very knowledge. So, why do I rate the company a three and a little to refer the company to other. The way this system is setup for me, I am at the mercy of a company when it come to certain workpaper needing to be submitted to my utility company. Since November of 2019, I have got the run around when it come to completing that paper. For example, I was told it will happen in November, in December, and January. I expect SCE to put me in along queue, but not a company who got paid timely and in full. I wish it wasn't the company responsibility; however, it is. One of the selling point for this $12,000 item I purchased was that this paperwork would be done a month after installation. I am now going on my fourth month after installation. At this time, I am not 100% sure that I would refer a friend or colleague because this type of after sale experience.

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