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Excellent company

I was amazed at how fast Solar Max got the engineering and then permitting done. But what was most impressive was the ONE day install for what I thought was going to be a multi day project. The crew was not only on time, but it was a small army of technicians. In just over half a day they installed and tested 38 panels on a split level home. 3 locations on the roof and they generate more than enough for our use. I have watched neighbors have solar installed from other companies. NONE did it in one day. I watched 1 install take a week to complete with multiple visits. Solar Max is the way to go

SolarMax Technology

I am so happy to hear about the amazing experience you had with your SolarMax installation. We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency. Your feedback will be sent to the Operations department to let them know the good news.

Terry Beams

EXCELLENT! Terry took the time and provided us with easy-to-understand information to help us determine which option to choose that will certainly result in our purchasing a SolarMax system. He is thoughtful, courteous and considerate. Thank you, SolarMax!!

SolarMax Technology

Thank you for letting us know how your solar consultation went with Terry. We are looking forward to hearing more from you in the future when you become a happy customer.

I'm Very Impressed!

We had a great experience with Solarmax! We had a 26 panel-7.8kWH system installed in December and we couldn't be happier. Mark Andrews was our salesman and he was great! I'm in the engineering field so I had a ton of questions, Mark answered every question by phone, email or txt easily within 5 mins. In fact, now that the system is installed, he is still answering my minor questions quickly. The panels and monitoring system is working great and will easily handle our electricity needs for our pool and 2 refrigerators. The installation crews were quick, efficient, professional and we have no leaks. So now that we're in summer, I've built up a credit with SCE and we don't worry about running the AC and Pool equipment all summer long!!

SolarMax Technology

That's good to hear Frankl and thank you for your feedback on Mark and the whole process going solar with us. I'm glad that your mind is at ease as you comfortably enjoy your AC and pool this summer.

Outstanding US Solar Panels!

I've had my Solarmax solar system with the SMX 300W solar panels that they make in CA for almost 2 years now. One of the reasons I chose them was the 25 and 30 year warranties and the quality of the system components. When I got the system they gave me a power production guarantee stating my system will produce what they say it will for 10 years. Well after my first full year (2018) I got my annual statement and my SMX panels and Enphase microinverters produced 26% more than expected. 26%!!! That explains why my wife can keep the AC at 72 and my pool pump diligently doing its job ALL YEAR LONG... in Riverside! And at the end of the year, Riverside Public Utilities gave me a $40 check for the extra energy I didnt use that they bought back from me over the year. This was exactly what my sales rep Dan told me would happen. I figured he was over promising. But this Solarmax power plant on my roof over delivered as promised. My wife keeps telling me that this is the best investment we've made in the house... well, beside the kitchen remodel :)

SolarMax Technology

Thank you for giving such a detailed review Aaron. At SolarMax Technology we pride ourselves on delivering a premium solar energy system that is designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. The goal is to deliver maximum performance at a maximum savings. Glad to hear back from you and we'll be sur...

Top notch

Pete was great all the way and always made sure to jump on and fix everything that could slow down our progress.

Excellent workmanship

This company is all about being professional. From the gentleman that came out to my house (Dan) to the installers, to the office lady (Elizabeth), and the electricians. As a city inspector this company did a wonderful job on the installation and the customer service. (No and's if's or but's at all).. Thank you Solar Max.... I will recommend this company 100%......

Great experience

Had a great experience working with SolarMax and got my solar system installed.

SolarMax Technology

Thank you Mohammad for giving us your feedback on your positive experience with getting solar with SolarMax Technology. We hope you enjoy your premium LG solar panels and Enphase micro-inverters over the next 30 years.

Awesome Job!

I was very skeptical in the beginning of our investigating of incorporating solar on to our home. There are many questions to be asked from someone like myself who knows little to nothing about the advantages or disadvantages of this new technology. However after working with Solarmax and particularly Chris Handzel I became a big fan. From the first time we met Chris after being referred to him, he answered almost all my questions before I even had to ask. He put both my wife and I at ease with this large investment showing all the returns we would see has homeowners. Chris was always available and continues to be whenever we have a question. He along with the Solarmax team really led us by hand throughout each stage until and after the complete install. We are so glad we were referred to Chris and Solarmax that is why it gives me pleasure to write a five star review. I would say with complete certainty that you will find the same high standards in quality and service as we have. Give Chris a call, you will be happy you did when you see your are not paying these ridiculous high electric bills any longer!

Great savings!

I'm so happy with the amount of money I'm saving every month, the whole process was super easy and low-pressure.

All in All We Are Very Happy with Our System

Solarmax is awesome. My install was done quickly and efficiently. Dan at Solarmax is awesome. He explained how everything worked and is always available if questions arise. Give them a call and ask for Dan. Tell him Katrina sent you.

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