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40 reviews

Honesty is Key

My SolarMax experience has been smooth and easy. Amazing how quick SolarMax works. A big thumbs up to the crews who came and did the work on the house. Very courteous and no nonsense work ethic. From start to finish SolarMax was in touch and kept me updated. My consultation with Brandon conveyed to me that SolarMax is an honest company to do business with. Brandon explained everything simply and patiently. He is truly an asset to SolarMax’s prosperity. I highly recommend SolarMax for your solar energy.

SolarMax Technology

Dennis, it is good to hear from you and thanks for the positive review of your experience with Brandon here at SolarMax.

Very professional sales presentation

After sitting through 3 additional sales presentations from other solar companies, there was no doubt that Brandon Mezzanatto was the front runner. He was professional, thorough, knowledgeable and patient in explaining all the intricacies of solar. He is a great representative for your company! If you choose Solar Max, I highly recommend Brandon Mezzanatto for your consultation!

SolarMax Technology

Mark, thank you for your feedback regarding Brandon. He is one of our most knowledgeable and professional renewable energy consultants here at SolarMax. I'll pass your review on to him.

Truly professional installer

After spending about two months researching PV solar and getting estimates from seven solar installers, I chose SolarMax. Another company that was more local was my first choice but when I visited their facility, it was a real dump. I would not trust them to be in business until the end of the month much less long enough to honor a 25 year warranty. The SolarMax facility in Riverside is large, clean, modern and impressive. I believe they have about 200 employees, each a specialist in their specific duties. No subcontractors there. Surprising to me, in spite of having such a facility and specifying name brand, high efficiency equipment for my system, they were the most inexpensive based on cost per kW. The preparation for the installation took longer than I expected and there were some snags but each problem was ultimately dealt with to my satisfaction. In my experience with contractors, that is seldom the case. Also, Jacob Richardson, their salesperson, was available from start to beyond finish as were their Customer Service Dept. personnel. I was very picky and wanted some special features that would not be part of a standard installation, but they provided them all. The system is now installed and operating as expected. Between SolarMax and SolarEdge (the inverter and optimizer manufacturer) personnel, the system's operation and capabilities were thoroughly explained to me and the monitoring software was installed. There are a ton of PV solar installers out there but I doubt you could do better than SolarMax Technologies.

SolarMax Technology

Your thorough review is much appreciated Glenn. We'll be sure to pass along the feedback to Jake and Customer Service regarding your experiences. If you're open to it we might reach out to you in the future to see if you would like to be recognized as one of our highlighted projects where we can sho...

awesome presentation by Terry beams

overall total experience was awesome. Terry was very knowledgeable kind and patient he explained everything very detailed and help me to understand how the solar panel system works. I would highly recommend a consultation from Terry Beams from Solar Max Technology before entering any other contract with any other solar company period!! yours truly Henry A. Rozuk

SolarMax Technology

Hi Henry. Thank you for elaborating on your experience with Terry. We look forward to installing your solar project!

presentation of system

information on all different rate schedules system and financing what to expect and how system will change our life style was clearly stated.

SolarMax Technology

Thank you for your feedback Richard.

Amazing Terry

I had a consultation with Terry today and he was amazing! Personable and knowledgeable about everything. made me feel like family!

SolarMax Technology

Tracey, Glad to hear about your experience with Terry - he is a great guy and a very knowledgeable solar consultant.

Green and happy

We have had a great experience with SolarMax and we smile every time we look at a utility bill. They took care of all the details, installed the panels quickly, and followed up anytime we reached out to them. Chris Handzel is knowledgeable and a low pressure sales person. He let the facts speak for themselves. We cut about 90 percent off our utility bill. Soon we will actually have our upfront investment paid off. I could not be happier with this decision because I know we will save money over time AND we will make the earth cleaner. I charge my electric car in my garage and I like the idea of riding on sunshine.

SolarMax Technology

Thank you for your feedback and review of your experience with SolarMax and Chris. So cool that you power your electric car with your clean and free solar energy!

Solar panels

Thought I would come back for updated review. I have had my panels for a few year and needless to say they are going strong, producing nicely and have had no issues with them. I am very pleased to have selected Solar Max for my installation. You will not regret going with this company for your solar needs. Happy client, thank you Solar Max

SolarMax Technology

We very much appreciate your kind words and are so glad that you are enjoying your solar energy system.

Excellent company

I was amazed at how fast Solar Max got the engineering and then permitting done. But what was most impressive was the ONE day install for what I thought was going to be a multi day project. The crew was not only on time, but it was a small army of technicians. In just over half a day they installed and tested 38 panels on a split level home. 3 locations on the roof and they generate more than enough for our use. I have watched neighbors have solar installed from other companies. NONE did it in one day. I watched 1 install take a week to complete with multiple visits. Solar Max is the way to go

SolarMax Technology

I am so happy to hear about the amazing experience you had with your SolarMax installation. We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency. Your feedback will be sent to the Operations department to let them know the good news.

Terry Beams

EXCELLENT! Terry took the time and provided us with easy-to-understand information to help us determine which option to choose that will certainly result in our purchasing a SolarMax system. He is thoughtful, courteous and considerate. Thank you, SolarMax!!

SolarMax Technology

Thank you for letting us know how your solar consultation went with Terry. We are looking forward to hearing more from you in the future when you become a happy customer.

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