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Ontario Residential Solar Energy

Sometimes doing the right thing reaps rewards. Such is the case with the installation of residential solar energy. You’ll be helping the environment by greatly reducing your carbon footprint, and you’ll enjoy significant savings on your energy bills.

Since 2008, SolarMax Technology has grown from a startup to one of the ten largest solar panel installers in the country. SolarMax assembles its own premium brand of SMX solar panels in their 165,000 square foot facility, which allows for competitive pricing and maintaining a close eye on quality.

What does that mean to you?

It means you can get the superior quality you want at a price that is much lower than you might expect. You’ll be guided you through the process from start to finish and you’ll get a system that is designed perfectly to meet your needs.

Trusted Alternative Energy Provider for Ontario

In many ways, SolarMax Technology has been an industry innovator providing many firsts including:

·  First In-House Financing for Residential Solar Customers

·  First Solar Installer to Design and Assemble Its Own Premium Brand of Solar Panels in California

·  Developed Industry’s First Fully Integrated Home Battery Approved by LADWP

You might be wondering about the benefits of investing in solar panels for your home aside from energy savings—and there are many such as:

·  Enhanced Home Value: According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, installing solar panels adds an average of more than $22,000 to the value of your home.

·  Faster Sales: According to the US Department of Energy, when a home is equipped with solar power, it sells faster than homes that are not so equipped.

·  Tax Incentives: The cost of the installation can be reduced by taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit.

Learn More about Saving with Ontario Residential Solar Energy

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